How to Get the Right Tech for Your New Business

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Congratulations on your new business! Start-up costs can easily escalate, and tech is often one of the bigger expenses. The number of technologies available can overwhelm smart decision making. This article will help you make the right decisions.

How to get the technology right for your business, without the headache and drama:

Do you actually need it?

In a lot of cases, using a cloud application means you can skip the big server purchase. Plus, no need for an on-site technician to manage it. Many of your business programs will have a cloud option. Having a cloud option allows you to get all the benefits without the expense.

Before you make the tech purchase, work out which applications you’ll be running; decide whether a local installation or cloud access would be preferred. As part of this stage, think about how you’d like to use the applications. Perhaps remote access is a priority, or perhaps collaboration will underpin your business culture. This level of clarity is often overlooked and the number 1 reason why tech expenses spiral.

Get expert advice from an IT business partner

It’s easy to ask friends and family what to buy, but there are many more factors to consider than just their personal preference. You trust their opinion, of course, but they may be speaking from a consumer perspective or basing their recommendation on brand loyalty.

Every business is different and pairing the correct technology with the business will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Buy business grade

Unfortunately, the computers and laptops you see in department stores aren’t up to business standard. They’re designed for home users to perform quick tasks, not run a full 8 hour (or more) workload. Business grade systems have additional features that your business needs, plus longer warranties and better support.

The attached devices like networking or printers are built to a higher standard, to last longer and perform better. Considering the cyber climate we live in, taking a special interest in the security offered by the business grade technology is a wise decision.

Prioritize flexibility

Businesses evolve rapidly during their first few years and the last thing you want to do is go out and buy new tech.

Your new technology should be as scalable, as your business. This means making purchase decisions based on strategy, not price. For example; instead of buying workstations for employees, you might only need tablets. Rather than having a fixed point of sale system, you might choose mobile checkout devices so your staff can assist customers on the go.

These examples highlight how easy it is to commit to certain tech because it’s what you do but later discover you?re locked into a certain way of doing business. Trying to change your processes down the line impacts productivity, efficiency and culture in a big way, so we recommend buying with your future success in mind.

Choose an IT business partner

During your set up and moving ahead through growth, you’ll need an IT partner who can not only help with your purchase strategy but support you through any tech problems as they arise. That’s the difference between a partner and a supplier. A good IT Partner is committed to driving long-term business success, a win-win for everyone.

You?ll be able to call on your partner and know they’re immediately up to speed with your business. They’ll know how IT can help leverage your competitive advantage and which critical systems they should focus on.

Having the right tech in place shouldn’t be seen as just an expense. It improves productivity and allows you to serve your customers better while enjoying consistent growth.

If you need an IT partner to help your business grow, contact us online or give us a call at 973-692-6040.

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